Derived from combining "vignettes" with "vision", is a dynamic and diverse collection of interactive works from the creative studios of Rich Coffey.

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About Vizettes

Always a strong advocate of online learning through interactive multimedia, offers both a unique look at the the past through visually-enhanced interactive narratives on history and culture, as well as a hopeful vision into the future as it enfolds.



An eclectic collection of montages, videos and interactive stimulation.



As the web evolves, older formats are sadly discarded. Details on previous popular interactive learning projects.

Who is Rich Coffey?

Rich has been an ardent advocate of online learning for many years and serves as a project site for his various interactive works. He was active on the New York professional music scene back in the day, touring and playing. (Visit for a taste of his music).

Currently Rich is actively composing music, researching abandoned railroads, mountain biking, hiking in the woods and creating trail maps. Ongoing detailed research of Native America culture and history has also been a recent passion.