Point & click power

Interactive media can change a traditionally passive spectator media experience [reading a magazine, watching T.V., etc.] into an active participatory exchange. Point & click exploration requires dynamic interplay between the user and the media.

The web for many has become a important platform for disseminating information and voicing personal opinions on the world cascading around us. Sensing the impeding crisis with America's dependence on oil and incensed with the obscene income gap between America's CEOs and the hard-working middle class, Rich offers his world view here at vizettes.com in a dynamic media-rich format.

Being a strong advocate of online learning through interactive multimedia, Rich has, more recently, focused on providing a collection of unique perspectives on some of the important challenges and issues of our time. History, politics, "life, liberty and the pursuit of the American Dream" are explored in the Knowledge Tree section and in the Perspectives section. (Related: Thoughts on Interactivity >> )

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