"Retired" Projects

Gone - Knowledge Tree Flash

Knowledge Tree Flash Media ?

It's sad but my Flash-authored interactive narratives have been retired. For some time now, Google Chrome and all the other major browsers no longer support Flash and with the majority of internet traffic mobile-based, Flash-authored media is unfortunately obsolete.

Back in the day (wow—more than a decade ago!) My Peak Oil Project out-ranked equivalent online research posted by generously-funded Think Tanks and all my media work felt tremendously valuable. But I've moved on as well with blogs, a deeper focus on railroad history and most importantly - a return to music.

World - Resources and Economy

Peak Oil
The Peak Oil Project (Oil: Want & Waste)
A comprehensive overview of the dire consequences inherent with the end of cheap oil.
The Flat Earth

The Flat Earth
A hard look at the brave new economic world we live in (based on the best seller: The World is Flat).

Technology - The Yin and Yang

Digital Deliverance

Digital Deliverance (a SoundSlide narrative)
The dream of “Digital Deliverance” has come of age. Has it lived up to its promise?


Mark My Words!
An interactive timeline on the "History of Communications".

Digital Distractions

Digital Distractions
Always connected... cellphones, iPads, Internet 24-7 - what have we become? Are spontaneous conversations with strangers no longer possible?

America - Rise and Decline?


Malling of America
The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape -- the bittersweet consequences of suburban sprawl.


The Dumbing Down of America
Have Americans grown hostile to knowledge? A probing look into the nature of American ignorance and it's plummeting standards and values. (based on the the book: The Age of American Unreason).

he American Empire

The American Empire
Examining the role of the United States Military in world affairs and the hidden costs and consequences of its "lone superpower" status.


The Suburbanization of New York
Gentrification brought with it the big brand blandness of uniformity—Ponder the pluses and minuses of progress.

Wandering Pilgrims

Wandering Pilgrims or Lost Souls?
An absorbing reflection on how America's love affair with mobility has reshaped its culture.

History and Culture

Broken Promises
Native American Study
A sad saga of deceit by U.S. government replete with colorful maps of Native North American Languages and the Trail of Tears.
World Languages
A colorful study on the diversity of languages. utilizing interactive organizational charts, maps and popup texts.

America - What's Wrong?

American Empire

The Costs and Consequences of American Empire.

Income Gap

The Income Gap
Corporate America and the shameful pattern of increasingly bloated CEO pay.

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