"Retired Explorations"

Gone - Explorations Flash

Previous Flash-Authored "Exploration" Projects

Back in the day I was really into a creative streak using Flash. Wild and crazy animations synced with music, black & white dreamscapes, shape trails and even animated journeys into the perception of time were all part of my "Explorations" section (screenshot »). Of course now that all major browsers will no longer support Flash, they have been retired from this site.


  • Anemution - screenshot »
    An Animated Flash Jukebox of original songs and audio loops
  • Abstraktions - screenshot »
    Creative mouse followers and sundry interactive explorations
  • TimeTraveler - screenshot »
    Flash-animated journeys into the perception of time.
  • Morphettes
    New media melds featuring interactive morphs
  • Shrouded in Shadows
    Black & white dreamscapes revealed (surreal photo montages)
    Note: Most of these photo montages can been seen here
  • Shape Trails
    MouseTrails with Music Loops (duplicate movie clip displays)
  • Three Blind Mice
    Enlightened reinterpretations of this classic nursery song
  • Wacked
    Twisted and bizarre (not for the faint-hearted!)

Interactive Games

  • The Face of Fear
    Spin the wheel of fear for interactive psychological journey into the heart of darkness.
  • Yin-Yang
    A short intro about the Chinese philosphy leads you to the interactive... mouse over an object and watch it morph into it's opposite... Authored in Macromedia Director!
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