Further Details & Scripting Credits

Twirler -
cosmos drifter
cosmic orb with varied component rotations set to follow Mouse
audio EFX - bone2 productions //based on mouse follower by Liam O'Donnell of www.vectorinternet.co.uk

The Horizon Beckons -
space grid
interactive 3D perspective space grid with cosmic globules
audio EFX - bone2 productions//based on mouse follower / tutorial by Liam O'Donnell

Disjoint - dysfunctional disconnect
assorted MovieClips set to varied "follow Mouse" offsets for intentional disjoint effect
audio EFX - bone2 productions

Dozzler -
sequential visual abstractions
sequential light nodes looped with lush 20th century orchestra
audio EFX - bone2 productions
music loop - inspired from book by Vincent Persichetti "20th Century Harmony"//based on Amit Pitaru's "Flux" from the "New Masters of Flash" book
(Friends of ED)

Elastic Drummer - viewer-driven drums
elastic gravitational reactions to viewer-driven drums
audio EFX - bone2 productions //based on a source download from www.flashguru.co.uk,
color tweaks and sound by bone2 productions

Viscous Circle -
poetic perspiration
twirling word circle with audio and visual rollover theme-related "surprises"//3D circle based on Gabriel Mulzer's "simple_3" from the "New Masters of Flash" book
motion phrases, graphic and audio "surprises" - bone2 productions

ToyBox -
melding geometric abstractions with novel audio loops
in development