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Assorted Sub Sites

This site has become a hodgepodge of a variety of projects, many of which have been purposely built to exist as separate entities from the main site. In case you enter from this “front door”, below are a few links to these projects.

- rich coffey

Mountain Biking/Hiking and Deep Woods Trails

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  • Fairfield County Ride Guide
  • Assorted Mountain Biking Trail Maps

"Railroad Archeology"

Railroad History and Exploration In the Northeast
This is noted on the callout in the Upper right as well.

BHBL History Tidbits

A tribute to where I grew up...

Infographics, Music and More...

A blog about infographics with a bias towards maps.

Rich's PedalPoint

My blog about riding rail trails and exploring history and nature.

Lastly - Music/Scores

Be sure to visit my other site:, featuring original music, lyrics and even live scrolling transcriptions of music scores...

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