Retracing Railroads

The large amount of links to various railroad history sub sites has been centralized with an interactive map for easier navigation. Railroad History

Derived from combining "vignettes" with "vision", is a dynamic and diverse collection of interactive works from the creative studios of Rich Coffey. (See definitions...)

From thought-provoking analyses and in-depth animated narratives on topical issues to intriguing abstractions and interactive diversions, is chock full of unique content featuring a wide array of multimedia. Browse and enjoy...

Assorted Sub Sites

This site has become a hodgepodge of a variety of projects, many of which have been purposely built to exist as separate entities from the main site. In case you enter from this “front door”, below are a few links to these projects.

- rich coffey

"Railroad Archeology"

Railroad History and Exploration In the Northeast
This is noted on the callout in the Upper right as well.

BHBL History Tidbits

A tribute to where I grew up...

Infographics, Music and More...

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Rich's PedalPoint

My blog about riding rail trails and exploring history and nature.

Lastly - Music/Scores

Be sure to visit my other site:, featuring original music, lyrics and even live scrolling transcriptions of music scores...

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