The Flat Earth (Seismic shifts to the horizontal)
globalization - keeping the competitive edge?

Note: May 31, 2016
All Presentations posted here have been removed. Stay tuned for a future "responsive" update...

Using a "flat world" as a metaphor to explain the globalization to the world, The Flat Earth takes a hard look at the brave new economic world we live in.

Quantum leaps in business communications through a 24/7 global fiber optic network allow web-enabled cost cutting and on-demand supply chaining as never before...

Multinational corporations--seeking a competitive edge--are outsourcing an ever-increasing sector of American knowledge workers to the lowest common bidder.

Featuring statistics and quotes, interactive maps, animation and looped music grooves; The Flat Earth propels you on a journey of discovery to find out what this portends for the future...

* The Flat Earth is based on the best seller The World is Flat, a controversial book written by New York Times columist Thomas Friedman.

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