The Malling of America

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The Malling of America

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Replete with original music and streamed rearrangements of classic pop tunes, The Malling of America takes an interesting look at the forces tearing apart America's towns, cities, and farms and its impact on our lives.

The Malling of America is based on The Geography of Nowhere, a landmark book published in 1994 that traced America's evolution from a nation of coherent communities to a wasteland of placeless architecture and parking lots.

re-uploaded 12/27/05

They Paved Paradise...



"What Happened to Main Street?"

A "SoundSlide" presentation, featuring streamed audio narration, They Paved Paradise... outlines the bittersweet consequences of America's great suburban build-out.

uploaded 8/27/06

Links to websites containing further info (book listings, source materials, organizational studies, etc.) related to the curse of suburban sprawl.

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