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Milestones in Communication

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have strived to communicate more effectively. From primitive grunts and groans of the early caveman; to the conveniences of today's information age--such as e-mail, cell-phones, and palm-top computers; the need to share information is constant. In every aspect of our lives there is an innate need to communicate and make ourselves understood.

From early man's need to mark his activities with cave paintings to the development of Phoenician alphabet; communication has evolved with the times. The Chinese invented paper and books. Johann Gutenburg invented movable type, and Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone. At each milestone, the cornerstone of innovation has been the desire to find a common ground to reach more and more people quicker and easier.

Prior to the last two hundred years, the speed of communications was restricted to the speed with which a messenger could travel. Distant communications were slow and expensive.

In every aspect of our lives there is an innate need to communicate and make ourselves understood.

With the advent of the telegraph and then the telephone, direct communication could take place almost instantaneously between distance places.This changed the pace of progress dramatically as villages, regions, countries and finally continents and cultures were brought in closer contact through quicker communication.

Today, the evolution of communications methods is accelerating at a never-before-seen pace. Clearly, we live in an era of human history where huge changes take place from one generation to the next. We take granted the fact that we use technologies our grandparents didn't have, and that our children will use technologies that don't yet exist.

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Yet the pace of change was not always this fast. It was often hundreds of years and many generations between technological advancements. Click on the image to the left to view an illustrated timeline that traces the origins of and details the development of communications technologies.


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