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Recommended Book
  • The End of Oil:
    On the Edge of a Perilous New World more info >
Recommended Online Multimedia
  • The End of Suburbia - Online Video
    With cheap oil in ever-decreasing supply, a wake up call to America's wasteful way of life is examined. Using refreshingly blunt and easy-to-comprehend language, "The End of Suburbia" is a "must see"
    YouTube -The End of Suburbia promo trailer
  • Peak Oil Documentary (Online)
    This Special Investigation is divided into sections for the "time challenged" and fully explains why we are approaching the peak, and what it means...
  • Robert Newman's - History of Oil
    Part stand up comedy, part lecture. A fascinating and entertaining look at the history of oil replete with satirical impersonations of historical figures and supported by a critical mass of archival footage. Now on Google Video!
    The Chicago Tribune
  • Who Killed the Electric Car?
    It was among the fastest, most efficient cars ever built. A disturbing look into how big business and big oil colluded to destroy this innovative and efficient solution.
    A website dedicated to assisting societies in their
    efforts to relocalize communities and adapt to an
    energy constrained world.
Our Future In Jeopardy...
Major Speeches

Why Our Food Is So Dependent On Oil

Future Trends

Texts (Hubbard curve)

Graphs, etc.
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Energy Facts

General Energy Facts

*Energy Facts

Saudi - U.S. Relations

Petroleum's many uses

End of Suburbia

America - Energy Issues

55 mph

Gas mileage

Transportation Subsidies

Iraq and the Problem of Peak Oil '

World Demands

The Rise of China - World Demands
environmental cost of hydropower
Worldwide Energy Crunch

Aspects of the coming world energy crisis and
the concept of peak oil

*MAP - Where Does The Energy Go?
*Peak oil primer and links


Renewable Energy (info resources directory)
National Council for Solar Growth:

Energy Planet
alternative fuels
tar Sands
tar Sands Maps (etc.)

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  • "gas pump geopolitics"
  • "energy depletion"
  • "energy crisis"
  • "peak oil"
  • "energy resources"
  • "alternative energy sources"
  • "oil crisis"