Introduction Evolving New York City Thoughts (sub pages listing)
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New York City (Manhattan in particular) used to be such a unique place. Although built on a boring uniform grid; streets and neighborhood enclaves maintained a vibrant and distinctive flavor. Every trip on the subway and walk on the streets was an enriching adventure in variety.

Bohemian hippies in the Village, well-dressed old-money matrons on the Upper East side, dirty grifters and panhandlers to dodge on 42nd Street, Ukrainian perogis and spiked haired punksters in the East Village and Mom and Pop corner bodegas with exotic Caribbean and Latin foods in forgotten, off-the-beaten-path back streets unveiled a colorful mosaic of choices.

Yes, the city that never sleeps also never stops changing. The change was gradual but pervasive... Manhattan—still the center of the world for some enthusiasts—turned corporate... big time...

The Suburbanization of New York: Is the World's Greatest City Becoming Just Another Town?
is a thought-provoking book and the chapter written by Michael Sorkin eloquently captures the "artificial city" of megamalls, corporate enclaves, gentrified downtowns, and pseudo-historic marketplaces that have permeated the heart and soul of New York. Read on and ponder the pluses and minuses of progress....

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