The Tragedy of Self Absorption
Digital Distractions

Mobile Madness

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Ever Wonder?...

  • Are modern gadgets increasingly making us unaware of our immediate surroundings and of the people around us?
  • Does this failure to connect in turn isolate us from one another, further promoting a disregard and indifference to the strangers we encounter every day?
  • Are spontaneous conversations with strangers—on the street, waiting in line at the Post Office, while commuting—now relegated as merely a corny nostalgic throw back to the past?

uploaded 10/15/11

Recommended Books  

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  • The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
  • The Net Delusion by Evgeny Morozov
  • We Have Met the Enemy by Daniel Akst
  • The Dumbest Generation by Emory University professor Mark Bauerlei
  • Cyburbia by James Harkin
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