Palestine Park

Round Lake, NY

In 1878, Round Lake had a both an outdoor topographical scale model of Palestine and a scale model of the City of Jerusalem!

Stereoscopic Views of Round Lake

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Palestine Park - Tour Group
Palestine Park - Tour Group

Palestine Park - Jordan Valley
Palestine Park - Jordan Valley

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History of Round Lake, Saratoga County, N.Y.
by Weise, Arthur James, 1838-1910 or 11. 1n -- Publication date 1887
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History of Round Lake by Arthur James Weise
Publication date 1887

“Few of the improvements made at Round Lake attracted so much public attention and comment as those begun early in the spring of 1878. A topographical representation of the land of Palestine was constructed one on the west side of the lake at the mouth of the brook flowing through the north part of the grounds. The miniature plot, completed in July, was about five hundred feet in length, on a scale of two and a half feet to a mile. A model of the City of Jerusalem, made by the Rev. Wythe, was exhibited near it during the summer.

A Palestine park, showing the cities, rivers and sacred mountains of the Holy Land, presented the largest and finest representation of Palestine ever made, while a model of Jerusalem did the same for that city. A personal examination of these, with the lectures given, fixed the more clearly in the mind than could anything else, except a visit to the land itself. Indeed, a lady of eminence, who had traveled over Palestine, said that she had never received so clear a general impression of it as she did by these representations.”

Palestine Park Description
Palestine Park Description

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