America's Love Affair with Mobility...

Country of ExilesGlobalization, transnational corporations and commercialism have spawned an endless movement of American workers and “happiness-seekers across borders and boundaries, severing ties with their pasts and homogenizing a once varied and majestic landscape into a featureless replication of strip malls and theme parks.

“Wandering Pilgrims or Lost Souls?” is a short interactive reflection on how America's love affair with mobility has reshaped its culture. Based on the book “Country of Exiles: The Destruction of Place in American Life by William R. Leach, it explores the:

  • troubling effects of this rootlessness on our communities; and
  • the loss of our spiritual connection to the land on which we live.

Has American's relentless pioneering spirit to pull up stakes and find a new frontier created a more vibrant and flexible society or instead, has our endless pursuit of wealth and instant gratification destroyed our sense of community and neighborly respect, seeding greater lawlessness and apathy from coast to coast?

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