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Pequonnock River Valley

Pequonnock Valley Map (thumbnail)Trumbull Connecticut is blessed with the beautiful Pequonnock River Valley. Carved from a wild torrent of glacier melt eons ago, the valley has a rugged and varied landscape. Massive outcroppings of giant granite and a centrally-located marsh and meadow area provide a wide variety of terrain. It's a picturesque place brimming with history and breathtaking scenery.

Now preserved as open space, the Pequonnock Valley was once an industrial hub of nineteenth-century Trumbull and the ruins of several mills as well as a railroad ice house can be found.

On the west side of the river runs an abandoned railroad grade that serves as a level trail about three miles in length. The east side of the park has a wide variety of terrain and has been a haven for mountain bikers and hikers with its rocky stream beds, tough climbs and numerous rock drops.

Further north, you can traverse an area known as Parlor Rock that was once a bustling amusment park and continue on to visit the remnants of old tungsten mine.

Indian Ledge Park and Pequonnock River Valley Park are located west of Route 25 while Old Mine Park is further north on the other side of the highway.

The Pequonnock River Valley Park was jointly purchased by the Town and State Department of Environmental Protection from the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company in 1989 with the intention to preserve the land. Together, the park system consists of over 550 acres.

  • Pequonnock River Valley Park (382 acres)
  • Indian Ledge Park (104.6 acres)
  • Old Mine Park (72.1 acres)
  • Parlor Rock Historic Amusement Area (2.5 acres)

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