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Scenic Hike through the Central Maze - June 1st, 2013

Connecticut Trails Day - Pequonnock River Valley - Trumbull CT

Q & A

Where do we meet?

We will meet at 10 AM in the parking lot above the Dog Park.
Directions to Parking >> You can zoom in real close to see the actual parking area

What do the numbers on the map below mean?

See the Geological and Historical Spots of Interest Map »

What's the Central Maze?

The Central Maze is the elevated area in the north central part of the valley. It is a deeply wooded area traversed by a few thickly canopied rocky trails. A descent to the Pequonnock River below takes you through a mysterious gully and a rugged narrow crevasse. See on Regions Map »

What's the "Great Rift Valley" ?

The Great Rift Valley (a.k.a. Rocky Canyon) marks the ancient course of the Pequonnock River, a remnant of the wild torrent of glacier melt eons ago. Lined with steep cliffs overlooking a boulder-strewn narrow canyon, hiking in this area is both challenging and rewarding. (See Photo ») Views from the cliff tops and the depths of the valley are some of the best to be found.

Now somewhat obscured by trees and overgrowth, the canyon demonstrates the resilience of nature and the massive power of ice and meltwater from the retreating glaciers.

The Great Rift Valley runs in a north-south direction and can be found between the White and Yellow blazed trails, separating the Central Maze from the lower areas. The Great Rift Valley is labeled "Rocky Canyon" on the Regions Map »

Are you curious about the Forest Cover and Geology of the Valley?

Check out the Resource Maps »


The first leg of the hike will take you through the heart of the Central Maze. Jump to the Map page for detailed info on the park.

Scenic Hike Route


The Hike

Hiking Group at the Start of the Crevasse (Trails Day June 1st, 2013) HIking Group At Start of Crevasse

Mossy Cliffs and Sunshine Galore - the light was gorgeous...

Mossy Cliffs

Thru the Narrow Crevasse

Thru the Crevasse

Enjoying the Pequonnock River at Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock