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Scenic Hike through the Central Maze - June 7th, 2014

Connecticut Trails Day - Pequonnock River Valley - Trumbull CT

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Q & A

When is the hike?

Saturday, June 7, 10:00am - 1:00pm (rain date June 8)

Where do we meet?

At the Commuter Lot (Daniels Farm)  at 9:45 Am
Directions to Parking >> You can zoom in real close and use the satellite map to see the actual parking area

Where wil we hike?

We will explore the ridges (high ground) of the Pequonnock River Valley. We may explore some of the caves and walk along the ridge line. Near the old Trumbull Reservoir, we will drop down into the valley and hike along the river for a while. North of the reservoir, we will climb back up to the ridge and explore some of the interesting topography of ridges and valleys in the forest and wind our way back to the starting location.

A few highlights:

  • The View from the Cliffs over Rt 25
  • Small Waterfalls
  • Remnants of the edge of Former Lakebed
  • Rugged Rocky Outcroppings/ Indian Caves

Further Info

Cost: FREE
Hike Leaders: K. Malone, R. Coffey and J. Lauria
Difficulty: Moderate (Gently rising/temperate terrain with occasional obstacles)
Ages: All ages. Ages 6 - 12 require a caregiver present.

A Map of the Park >

Hike Map

About the Hike

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a decent turnout of participants of all ages. It was fun with the kids, sensing their eagerness to explore and their exhiliration at the cliff views and rugged rock outcroppings all aound us. It was especially hard pulling them away from the Cliff View and our stop at the river at Turtle Rock. :-)

Photos Courtesy of John Lauria

Gathering for the Hike
gathering for the hike

Near the Cliff View
Near the Cliff View

Cliff View at Route 25 - Looking North
Cliff View at Route 25

Rt 25 Cliff View
Rt 25 Cliff View

Hike Leaders (Rich and John)

In the Woods
In the Woods

Hike Leaders (John, Rich and Kevin)
Hike Leaders (John, Rich and Kevin)

Kids At Crevasse
Kids At Crevasse

Walking Back to the Parking LotWalk Back