New Berms on the Red Trail

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

It was a productive day for the combined efforts of the FCNEMBA trail crew and the local freeriders (a.k.a. the Pequonnock Valley Trail Care team).

Two berms were built on the red trail and the jump further up the trail was built out and the rough rooty trail below it was smoothed out. 25 to 30 folks showed up to help and the weather was cool and cooperative!

starting the new berm

lower berm prep

moving monster rocks

progress on the new (main) berm

progress on beefing up the lower berm

Mick the beer man rode in with a cooler full of beer!

ah… tasty!

James testing out the new berms at Trumbull

photos sourced from a blog

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What is the Pequonnock Valley Trail Care (PVTC)?

The Pequonnock Valley Trail Care is group of local park users who love the park and maintain the trails on a regular basis. From armoring wet spots, to coordinating with the land managers to remove tree blowdowns; we are actively engaged in keeping the trails clear and sustainable.

Brian Holinko - PVTC and FC NEMBA Park Rep