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The TTC has been retired. Please visit Pequonnock River Valley - a central spot for info on the Valley with numerous photo galleries and maps. Former Trail Care info is only available here.


A Short History of the TTC

Read a quick summation of the 3-year history of the volunteer group.

"The TTC's short-lived three-year existence proved productive in revitalizing the trail network with detailed maps and was the catalyst for the Town and DEEP to strike up a renewed but limited cooperative effort to upgrade the park. The dilapidated kiosk was replaced and the main trail through the swamp land in the abandoned lakebed now has a gravel road and a boardwalk."

Basic Goal
Sustainability for the trails and common-sense self-policing should be a no-brainer. Steadily building a critical mass of forward-thinking park users is the ultimate goal.


About the Trumbull Trails Coalition

What's New:

North Bridge is Closed - Don't bother using the Whitney Ave entrance >

Hikers and cyclists travel from all over Connecticut to enjoy the trails in Trumbull's Pequonnock River Valley State Park. The park resides in a lovely river valley and massive outcroppings of giant granite provide breathtaking scenery as well as awesome trails. Commonly referred to as simply "Trumbull" to the many mountain bikers who ride there, it has become an increasingly popular place to ride.

Although the park has a rugged and varied landscape—through the years—many spots have eroded or become water-logged. In 2010, the Trumbull Trails Coalition was formed as an informal stewardship group to help minimize the environmental impact to the park and rebuild the trail system where needed.


Our Mission (Sustainable Trails - Continuing Stewardship)

Organize and maintain a cohesive sustainable trail system for all park users to enjoy.

Tasks include:

  • Reviewing current trails and rerouting or rebuilding with sustainable techniques where spots are highly eroded or water-logged
  • Revising the blazing system to simplify perception of main north/south trail system
  • Mapping the entire park
  • Enhancing awareness of the park’s ecosystem to all users (post signage identifying invasive species, proper trail etiquette, etc.)
  • Channelling bike riders away from problem areas by adding alternative technical challenges and/or speeding trail flow elsewhere
  • Developing a solid stewardship group to ensure trail system volunteer efforts and interest will continue indefinitely

We strive to do as minimal amount of resource impact as possible by using rocks and fallen wood gathered nearby.

Trumbull is a very special place. More than anything, our goal is to simply provide a beneficial user experience for ALL users by continuing to maintain and enhance the unique mystique of the park.

In the News...

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