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Where have all the updates gone?

Although it appears I abandoned this page and stopped updating this site since 2013, appearances can be deceiving! Actually I have been avidly biking rail trails, building trail maps and ardently researching old abandoned railroads and trolleys in the Northeastern U.S. All these projects have "birthed" new maps and online updates scattered throughout this site and my PedalPoint blog. The majority of these railroad-related projects are now listed on the Railroad History page.

A couple of major projects worth mentioning...

September 2016

Thoughts Caught in the Perspectives section has been taken offline

February 2016

I have been building a series of mobile-friendly interactive maps on all the trolley systems in the Northeast. It's actually a snapshot of 1924 because the maps are derived from a 1924 Rand McNally Map.

December 2015

Also of interest was the research and exploration and discovery "in the field" of the abandoned Mills and Trolley Line in Ballston Spa, NY. In addition, in late November, a trek upto Greenwich NY yielded a treasure trove of fascinating historical artifacts and even a chance encounter with fellow backwoods explorers over local micrbrews!

November 2015

Knowledge Tree - Railroad History >
The large amount of links to various railroad history sub sites has been centralized with an interactive map for easier navigation.

May 2015

Native America History >
An overview of Native America history starting from colonial times until the present told primarily through maps. Focus is on upstate New York.



  • The Income Gap interactive narrative in the Knowledge Tree section was taken offline
  • Details and Links to ALL Railroad History related updates have been removed-
  • Go to the Railroad History Page for link access
  • Nov 22nd - Bennetts/Hemlock Hills Google Trail Map
    - Note: full page version currently held offline pursuant to approval by land managers
  • Oct 24th - Pequonnock Valley Google Trail Map
  • May 4th - History/Geology: The Iromohawk River
  • Feb 1st - Railroad: New Canaan Branch Line

Stay tuned for future updates

In addition, check the What's New page on my music site. As of 2015, I will be refocusing a lot of my creative energies there (I have a new studio!).

As you may have gathered from the “Malling of America” interactive narrative, I've been an avid reader of James Kunstler's blog and books. Primarily inspired by James McCommons' book Waiting on a Train: The Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service (in which Kunstler wrote the Preface to), I added the Future of U.S. Railroads piece.

Found in the Knowledge Tree section, this interactive narrative is a brief overview on the state of our nation's railroad system. Our trains—if given the proper attention and resources they need/deserve—offer an economically and ecologically valid alternative to our current woefully misguided transportation network. This is a tribute to our railroads...

Of course, I continue to be pre-occupied with building interactive trail maps and websites for the parks I mountain bike and help maintain locally. It's been a fairly time-consuming but rewarding endeavor. A Google- and Flash-based collection of maps are posted here.

  1. August 2013 - the Knowledge Tree page was redesigned to allow easier navigation. Anchor links can jump the long scroll as needed. The previous carousel was really cool but it had way too many choices. It is still available via a link on the bottom of the page.
  2. January 2012 - To welcome in the New Year, I finally completed the interactive narrative on the Future of U.S. Railroads found in the Knowledge Tree section.
  3. October 2011 - 3D Carousel - The navigation on the Knowledge Tree page updated to a very cool jQuery 3D Carousel. Many of the lower level URLs were changed as well.
  4. October 2011 - A "Quickie" on Digital Distractions. What have we become?
  5. April 2011 >>I've decided to make short "quickie" versions of many of the Knowledge Tree topics and list them (eventually) in a separate teaser/launcher page. The Peak Oil Project and the American Empire topics both already have "Quickies". I've just added a new one for the Dumbing Down America topic (click on "Quickie Version").
  6. There were many broken links and dead links in all of various resources pages that accompany each topic covered in the Knowledge Tree. In Mid March 2011, they were all updated.
  7. Early March 2011 - A short piece on New York City added >>The Suburbanization of New York
  8. Added to the Income Gap subsection: A scathing essay by Ralph Nader on the pervasive strangling of the American people by mighty Corporations >> (link to recommended related movie as well)
  9. Finally added something new -- my other music site and mountain biking took precedence!
    Oct. 13th, 2009 - A new interactive narrative "Wandering Pilgrims or Lost Souls?" has been posted in the Knowledge Tree.
  10. Feb.8th, 2009 - Interactive art gallery: "Shrouded in Shadows (Dreamscapes Revealed)" posted in the Explorations section and given "Featured" status on home page
  11. Jan 12th, 2009 - "The American Empire" prelaunch teaser given "Featured" status on home page
    (updated Flash animation to link to the full section)
  12. Jan 1st, 2009 - "The Income Gap" given "Featured" status on home page
    (the section has been updated with relevant articles detailing America's 2008 economic crisis)
  13. Nov. 4th, 2008 - "For Pleasure" given "Featured" status on home page
    (It's relevance to America's Fall 2008 economic woes noted in song intro section...)
  14. Site launched October 29th, 2008
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