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Parlor Rock Map - Trumbull, CT

Parlor Rock Sign

Developed by the Housatonic Railroad Company, Parlor Rock became a popular picnic grove and one of the countries first amusement parks. This once popular turn-of-the-century destination faded into oblivion when the tracks were abandoned and in 1978, most of the area was buried under the new Rt 25.

Parlor Rock is now a wooded area between Old Mine Park and the Pequonnock River Valley State Park. The Rock remains, along with the railroad grade, the foundation of the fountain and the supports of the bridge. Sadly, all that is left is the memory and a sign commemorating its existence. See a short slide show of the rocky gorge and rapids (including a photo of the fountain ruins) here ยป.

Parlor Rock

For curiosity seekers, (1) The ruins of the fountain -#31 on map and (2) Remnants of the roadway -#1 and #3 on map can be found.
If you look closely, a few of the stone steps are visible as well. You can print this PDF for offline review.

CREDITS The base map is courtesy of the Trumbull Historical Society and the TylerCityStation.Info web site
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