Taconic-Hereford Multiple Use Area (MUA)

Pleasant Valley, New York


Taconic Hereford MUA is affectionately known as "909" by the locals for the number of acres in the park. The terrain consists mostly of rolling hills with moderately steep slopes interspersed throughout.

Almost 4 miles of hard-packed dirt roads circle through dense hardwood forests over hilly terrain. Branching off these dirt roads are more challenging single-track loops and connectors that provide a variety of trail experiences from fast and smooth to technical, with roots, grass and loose rocks.

Depending on your mood, you can ride from 3 miles to 20 miles. To minimize riding double track, it's easy to link consecutive single track trails together. Usually the start of the next trail is right across the road from the one you're finishing.

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Taconic Hereford 909 Trail Map
Taconic Hereford 909 Trail Map with Topo
Taconic Hereford 909 - Old Roads

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Thanks to Jon Peterson (Bikerag) for the map starter , Timothy Kleeger (Fats in The Cats) for all the updated info and Gary C Thomann for his nice map and detailed GPS info.

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