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Altho' I am a CT Rider, I ride here occasionally when I visit my parents in upstate NewYork. It's a sweet li'l spot. Your best bet is just to ride and try to follow the Yellow Markers whenever you can. Sometime in late 2013 much of the east side bulldozing was begun to make room for a housing development.

In June 2015 - I tried to GPS the entire Yellow Trail but there are a series of tight loops in the southeast section (appropriately called Pasta Loops) that the 30 ft margin of error a consumer GPS can't record accurately! (see MapMy Ride GPS).

I put together this map based off of this posting and a "cleaned up approximation" of the messed up GPS mentioned above.

It really is a lovely place to ride. The Yellow markers take you on a tour thru the park and sections of the trail are marked with names such as Wicked, Grunt, Speed Zone, Pasta Loops, etc. The Speed Zone section skirts the edge of the new development and has great flow. The Ridge Trail on the western side is built on a shale ridge (hence the name of the park). ENJOY!

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Colonie Trails Aerial Map
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Colonie Trails Map

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