Millers Pond

Durham/Haddam, Connecticut


Millers Pond is a relatively new mountain bike trail system that is quite unique in that all of the trails (besides the Blue trail), were designed and built by mountain bikers and remain singletrack.

In general, the trails at Millers are very technical and challenging. Most singletrack trails are suited for expert/intermediate riders. The "XC Loop" and "Stripper Shoes" are the only two singletrack trails that are suited to intermediate riders.

Recommended Loops

Due to the hilly terrain and trail flow, optimal riding in Millers is very directional. All trails with the exception of the "Practice Loop" and "Stripper Shoes" are designed to be ridden CLOCKWISE. The Practice Loop should be ridden Counter Clockwise, and Stripper Shoes can be ridden either way. See Trail (arrows) Tab

Check out the Detailed Maps of Recommended Loops page for the best way around the park.



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Millers Pond Trail Map
Millers Pond Trail Map with Topo
Millers Pond

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Many Thanks to Jon Petersen (Bikerag) for all the updates on the map and building the amazing trails and terrain challenges at Millers. - rich coffey

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