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World Trade Center - Sept 11th, 2001

As a New Yorker, witnessing the destruction of the World Trade center on 9-11 was a traumatic and troubling experience. Many lives were tragically lost, some from my community (folks from our church, a teacher at my son's school). The horror... the confusion... the remote almost abstract quality of war, terror and destruction we subconsciously became accustomed to in the distant world around us was suddenly here on our hallowed ground and—in an instant—drove a spike into the very heart and soul of our collective national psyche.

Loosely based on the book "The Sorrows of Empire" by Chalmers Johnson, this website hopes to help explain some of the causes and events leading up to and following the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Chalmers Johnson's writing—although bitter and impassioned at times—represents a painstakingly-researched journey and exposé into the root causes of the ever-increasing terrorist threat permeating global relations today.

Tragically, there are a myriad of reasons why the U.S.A. is so virently despised across the globe. This site is presented—not as a partisan "point-the-finger-your-to-blame" rant—but as a fact-finding, research-driven overview.

There are no simple solutions to the increasingly violent and unstable future we face as Americans. But as Americans, we ALL should be unsatisfied with pat answers doled out from either the left or right. As free-thinking citizens, we have the right—actually we have a responsibility—to look beyond the glib sound bites and one-liners that so much of both our current news media and government announcements have been reduced to.

The principles of cause and effect and projecting good "Karma" have been overlooked for far too long. There are obviously "bad guys" out there, and—as history has relentlessly proven—there will always be "bad guys" out there; but stoking the fires of indignation and creating bomb-crazed enemies isn't a sensible way to continue.

To question... to dig deep and learn... to understand long-term historical trends... These are more productive avenues to pursue in order to engage in rational discourse.

There are no magic remedies for what we face, there isn't an overnight solution to changing our country's karma... but there are intelligent responses that we can marshal individually and collectively. Our founding fathers had a vision, so must we...