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It's a sad day but I have to retire most of my Flash-authored interactive narratives. Google Chrome and now all the other major browsers will no longer support Flash and with the majority of internet traffic mobile-based, Flash-authored media is unfortunately obsolete.

Back in the day (wow maybe almost a decade ago!) My Peak Oil Project out-ranked equivalent online research posted by generously-funded Think Tanks and all my media work felt tremendously valuable. But I've moved on as well with blogs, a deeper focus on railroad history and most importantly - a return to music.

Adios Flash...

January 29th, 2021

  1. Native American Study
    1. Native American Language Groups
    2. Broken Promises
  2. Languages
    1. Languages
    2. Indo-European Language Tree
  3. Income Gap
    1. Income Gap - Overview

September 7th 2019

  1. The Peak Oil Project (Oil: Want & Waste)
  2. The Flat Earth
  3. The Income Gap
  4. The Malling of America and Paved Paradise
  5. Blowback
  6. Digital Deliverance
  7. HIitory of Communication
  8. The Dumbing Down of America
  9. Digital Distractions

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