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Burnt Hills, Ballston Lake and Vicinity

Uncovering the Trolley System

SRC TrolleyIn recent visits to the area, I have uncovered/discovered assorted remnants of various Trolley Lines and have continuously updated this site with photos "in the field" and maps and links to related info on other sites. Be sure to visit the links above (Schenectady Railway, Saratoga's Electric Railways, The Hudson Valley Railway, etc.), It's a fascinating revelation to see what still remains—and all too often, a sad reminder of how this chapter of our local history is so easily forgotten.

It turns out the Capital District area was criss-crossed by a large bustling interconnected interurban system. At is peak there where 100s of miles of track built and wired exclusively for electric trolleys that served the area's growing transportation needs.

Trolley Map

Pan and zoom in and out on the map below for a detailed understanding of the various trolley companies in service in 1924.

The Trolley System - The Hudson Valley Railway

More Nearby Historical Trolley Lore

Ballston Spa - The D&H Abandoned Line through town and Iron Spring. New page >

Did You Know?

Trains - Glimpses of Past Glory

Schenectady Train Station

More Photos of Local Railroad History ...
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