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Pequonnock River Valley Trail Maps - Trumbull, CT

The Pequonnock River Valley has an extensive network of trails. Massive outcroppings of giant granite provide breathtaking scenery as well mill ruins and other relics from the past.


- Directions to the Park -

Directions to the Commuter Lot (Daniels Farm)   |   Whitney Avenue

Maps-for printing and offline review

The maps listed below are fairly complete and should provide a good visual overview of the extensive network of trails available in the park.
Maps created by Rich Coffey based on extensive GPS tracking by Mark Lurie.

PV Trail Map

Pequonnock Valley Trail Network

There are 4 main trails blazed White, Blue, Yellow and Red. The White is considered the main trail, Yellow and Red and up on the ridges and the Blue is along the Pequonnock River.

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PV Trail Map

Geological and Historical Spots of Interest

Rugged Scenic Spots and Historical Ruins are indicated.

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PV Trail Map

Topographical Info, Geological and Historical Spots of Interest

Added Topographical info to the Geo-History Map (listed above.)

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PV Trail Map

Overview of the Pequonnock Valley Park - Basic Regions

Ridges, valleys, fields, etc., identified

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Forest Cover and Surface Geology of the Pequonnock River Valley

Compiled from a 1988 study by the King's Mark Environmental Team

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GoogleEarth Flyover of the Park

A short slide show (GoogleEarth App is NOT needed to view pics...)

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Old Annual Hike Map

Scanned from an old newspaper...

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Also: Aerial Shots of the Lake Bed (a.k.a. Serengeti)



The user-driven Interactive Map (Flash-authored) is now found at this site »